What Is Your Favorite Animal And Why Answers

What Is Your Favorite Animal And Why Answers. Some people like to tease or injure animals all the time, too. Sample answer of describe your favourite animal ielts speaking.

What Is Your Favorite Animal And Why Answers Jordanembassyuk from mayweatherlogan.com

They make very good companions and are always loyal to their owners. I was a massive dog fan. They stand strong and proud.

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Essentially, it needs to be specific and tailored to the job. They are friendly, adorable, and entertaining. The frog is your favorite animal because it rocks!!!!

It Further Humanizes Them And Makes It Easier To Relate.

Your answer should provide context and explain why you’ve chosen that animal. Eric carle macmillan from us.macmillan.com. The correct way to word it is dogs are my favorite animal.

What Was Your Favorite Animal When You Were A Child?

However, you would usually say 'dogs are my favourite animal.' another possibility is 'the dog is my favourite animal', but that would also be uncommon. My favourite animal is a dog. My favorite animal is the dog.

It Depends, I Believe, On Their Character.

The grammar is weird, you're right. My animal is the cat, intelligent,. Quel est votre animal préféré?

Some People Like To Tease Or Injure Animals All The Time, Too.

See answer (1) best answer. Do not think about the answers too long. Name the animal, and then explain why.

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